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getting help

By visiting my website, you have taken the first step toward improving your mental health and your quality of life.

Effective treatment begins with a thorough consultation, a comprehensive psychiatric assessment and working together to form an explicit treatment plan.  This can usually take a few sessions, requiring a detailed history of your problem and complaints, as well as your family and medical history. Psychotherapy alone can be effective for many situations.

If we decide that medication would benefit your treatment, which may be the case if you suffer from depression, anxiety, attention or impulse-related disorders, we will carefully consider treatment options, possible side effects and engage in a detailed discussion of the risk/benefit analysis in choosing your treatment.

My objective is to help each patient develop a strong understanding of the nature of his or her problem or illness and be an active participant in treatment decisions.  In addition, I often work with therapists from other disciplines to offer integrative care if you are already in treatment elsewhere.

Please contact me today to set up an initial consultation.

– Dr. Jane Algus