My name is Dr. Jane Algus and I am a board-certified psychiatrist and psychoanalyst based in Manhattan. For many years, I’ve been working with patients seeking to relieve emotional difficulties through self exploration, dialogue and reflection in a therapeutic partnership. Unfortunately, many of us, at one time or another, experience anxiety, depression, work difficulties, or problems with intimacy and self-esteem.

In my practice, I use both psychoanalytic and “solution-based” therapies to help my clients face a variety of life challenges and emotional issues. I offer effective and individualized treatment through sensitive, personal interaction and insight, combined with a strong intellectual grounding and clinical expertise.

In addition to developing strategies for personal issues, I have extensive experience in working with clients who are in transition in their professional lives, helping them capitalize on their present skills to find expanded or new career opportunities. I help clients use psychological strategies to deal with work-related stress and to overcome obstacles, enabling more effective communication, negotiation, and workplace relationship management.

Please take a few moments to explore my website and learn how I can assist you in achieving balance in a fast-paced environment. If psychological problems or life circumstances have you considering treatment or thinking about speaking to a therapist, I would be happy to schedule an initial consultation.


Dr. Jane Algus, MD