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You’ve made the crucial first step to improving your mental health and taking control of your life.

All you need to do now is schedule a time for an initial, thorough psychiatric evaluation and consultation. We’ll then begin a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation to formulate an effective and personalized treatment plan. The psychiatric evaluation is a collaborative and detailed process where we explore the history of your problems, challenges, and complaints; including your family and medical history. 

After your psychiatric evaluation ​

If you suffer from depression, anxiety, attention or impulse-related disorders, we may decide that medication would benefit your treatment. Therefore, if this is the case, we will carefully consider treatment options, possible side effects. Finally, we engage in a detailed discussion of the risk/benefit analysis of your treatment.

 As a Midtown West Psychoanalyst, my objective with the psychiatric evaluation is to help you develop a strong understanding of the nature your problem or illness. It’s important that you are an active participant in treatment decisions. In addition, I often work with therapists from other disciplines to offer integrative care if you are already in treatment elsewhere.

Please contact me today to set up an initial consultation.


Most patients have questions they need answering before they book their first appointment. Here are some of the frequently asked questions.
What is the best way to contact you?

Contact me at my office at (212) 737-6688 or by email @ Dr Algus

What kinds of treatment do you offer?

I see patients for psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and medication management and will do my best to see patients quickly when in need for a first visit.

How are you different than other psychiatrists in New York City?

My difference is based on my blend of excellence and experience in the care of numerous psychological problems . My years of post-graduate training in Psychosomatic Medicine, as well as Psychoanalysis, allow me to provide an integrative approach. Quick fixes to long-standing problems often do not work, and it takes a dedicated patient and physician to work together to create significant and lasting change. Often painful patterns of relating re-emerge in the therapeutic relationship which can provide insight in an emotionally immediate way that leads to new ways to solve old problems.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment is expected at the initial visit. All major credit cards and checks are accepted.

How are fees and insurance handled?

I work on a fee-for-service basis where clients pay directly for services. However, I do offer clients the necessary documentation that they need to submit to their insurance companies so that they can receive reimbursement. I do discuss fees early in the consultation, and once we start working together, I will bill you monthly.

What can I expect when I initiate treatment?

Sometimes a thorough consultation may require three or four visits to get a full picture of the patient’s situation. At the end of the process I will provide, as best as I can understand, at the end of this process, the nature of the problem and the recommended course of treatment. Taking the initiative to schedule an appointment, whether the problem presented years ago or not, is always an anxiety-provoking situation. Therefore, I will try to create a safe and comfortable environment to reveal sensitive and personal issues.

Will you prescribe medication if needed?

If we decide that medication would benefit your treatment, which may be the case if you suffer from severe and debilitating symptoms due to depression and anxiety, we will carefully consider treatment options, possible side effects and engage in a detailed discussion of the risk/benefit analysis in choosing your treatment. I often prefer to know a patient well before recommending medication.

Where is my office located?

My office is located at 65 West 55th Street New York, NY 10019.